Fiestacana for Concert Band

Concert Band work commissioned by the Denison Iowa High School Band Boosters in 2017. The piece opens with a heroic fanfare that is followed by a lyrical, somewhat hopeful theme. The piece then transitions to a slower somber ballad, harkening back to ancient textures and modal harmonies. The final section of the piece is a multi meter, joyous celebratory mariachi dance. Throughout the piece, the Denison, IA school song is played as various counter melodies and is finally heard in its full glory near the end.

Sitrie Draws

Background music written for Twitch Artist streamer, SitrieDraws, that they’ll be using on their stream.


Free Piece for Download, Bicycle of the Mind

Now available for free download!

In 1990 Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs said that he had read a study that measured the efficiency of locomotion for various species on the planet. The condor used the least energy to move a kilometer. Humans came in with a rather unimpressive showing about a third of the way down the list….That didn’t look so good, but then someone at Scientific American had the insight to test the efficiency of locomotion for a man on a bicycle and a man on a bicycle blew the condor away. That’s what the computer was to Steve Jobs. The most remarkable tool that we’ve ever come up with. He said it’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds. The grade 3 work for concert band, “A Bicycle for the Mind” is the composer’s small tribute to Steve Jobs who believed that the arts were integral to technological innovation. The constant rhythmic pulse interlaced with a haunting chorale attempts to express Job’s ultimate goal of fusing the liberal arts with technology.

The Battlemage and Waltzing With Dragons are now available from Grand Mesa Music

Score and Audio

The Battlemage is a concert band work themed around a mythical warrior of legend who wields both magical spells and swords. The composer incorporates this dichotomy of soldier and scholar throughout the fabric of the music itself. The piece begins with an aggressive battle chant, accented by drums and anvil. Near the middle of The Battlemage, the music shifts gears and reflects the more mystical nature of this magical warrior while maintaining its constant driving pulse. This captivating work concludes with a rousing full band statement of the battle chant that is sure to thrill both your students and audience.



Score and Audio

Waltzing With Dragons is a medieval fantasy inspired work for band that hearkens back to a more ancient era with its use of modal harmonies. The piece attempts to place the listener in the midst of a medieval festival where one may overhear stories of ancient dragons and battles. The composers skills are evident as this lilting waltz unfolds, and both your students and audience will be delighted by this piece that is approachable for middle school and beyond.




New Work Coming Soon from Grand Mesa Music Publishers.

A Grade 2.5 work written for middle school band students. The Battlemage is both a soldier and a scholar who wields with swords and spells. This work explores the dichotomy of the Battlemage’s chosen school of fighting through its warrior-like introduction through the more mystical inner section.

Score and Audio

Audio Only

Available soon from

A Woodland’s Tale

I’ve been writing a lot of small works for various trades and micro commissions. This is an example of such a work that I eventually rearrange as a solo work. “A Woodland’s Tale” is now available for purchase as a woodwind quartet at