Custom Wedding Music

What is your song?

Your special day has finally arrived. All your friends and family are there to witness you and your loved one unite in marital bonds. The scene is set as you begin this new journey together.

As you or your loved one walk down the aisle, the music plays. Not a standard that has been performed for countless of weddings before, but a piece of music  especially written for you, this day and the rest of your lives together. The soundtrack of your life.

A custom piece of music written for your wedding will make this day more memorable. Imagine having an original composition, written in any style you desire, performed by any number of classical musicians.

Multiple options include:

Solo Piano
Piano with solo instrument of your choice.
Strings (solo violin, string quartet, custom string group)
Brass (duet, trio, quartet, quintet)
Piano and Voice

Your custom music can easily become the soundtrack to a slide show or video detailing the highlights of your wedding.

Sample Music

String Quartet - "Prelude to Kris and Ritz" - middle section
String Quartet - "Prelude to Kris and Ritz" - Full
Violin and Piano - "Quiet Union"
Brass Quintet - "This Vow"
Full Orchestra - "Debbie's Dance"
Piano Solo - "Northern Nocturne"

Questions about custom wedding music?

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