Northwest Band Alumni Members, 

We are excited to announce that plans are underway for a virtual performance featuring the Northwest Band Alumni.

To register for this virtual event please visit: https://www.nwmissouri.edu/finearts/music/alumnibandForm.htm


After you have filled out the form above, return here for instructions on how to record and upload your video.

We will be featuring two pieces: Our Alumni Band Theme: “Old Hickory” and our Fight Song: “Wings of Victory.” If you are interested in participating in this event, please review the sheet music below and choose a part that best suits your playing ability. We are providing an audio play along click track for you to listen to as you video record yourself. We have also included a YouTube video for you to see and hear the music while taking note of the phrasing, dynamics, articulation, etc. Once you have recorded your video you will need to complete the sign up form, upload the video and submit the form by Friday, Nov 20, 2020.


Instructions and tips for recording yourself

  1. Wear Headphones or earbuds. 
  2. Use two devices. Play click track audio through headphones on one device (phone, computer, mp3 player, etc.) Record your video on a second device that has the best camera and audio (smartphone, computer, camcorder, camera, etc.). 
  3. Wear your Band Alumni shirt (if you have one) 
  4. Record in a well lit room, with the light facing you and plenty of space behind you. We want to see your beautiful faces and not unsightly shadows looming from above. 
  5. Allow for 5 seconds of silence before and after you play. The piece ends quietly. Try not to move soon after you have finished playing but appropriate smiling is encouraged. 
  6. Be as centered in the camera as possible. The top of your head should be just below the top frame of the camera view. 
  7. Check playback. Make sure the audio is not distorted. You may need to move away from the recording device or turn down the levels.  
  8. Some parts have solos in them. Go ahead and play them. 
  9. Record yourself after you feel you have prepared the music to the best of your ability. However, we are not looking for perfection, we just want everyone to join us for this virtual event. 
  10. Upload the video to the link provided on the form by Friday, Nov 20, 2020.

Please do not fill out the sign up form until after you’ve recored both videos and are ready to upload them.