Sonata for Horn and Piano

Movement I

The first movement of my Sonata for Horn and Piano. This work begins with an aggressive style of playing, almost angry. Like the third movement, it is also a bit tongue in cheek. The sonata demands strong technical and musical ability from the horn player to pull it off correctly. Near the end of the first movement you might hear the music relax a little, even admitting fault with a musical “uh oh”.

Movement II

An introspective, thoughtful movement, contrasting with the outer two movements more bombastic style. The opening and closing of the work consists of the horn repeating a single note. How musical can a single note be? The movement is mostly in 5/8 with multiple dissonance, but never to the point of being ugly.

Movement III

The third movement of my first horn sonata. This work pays homage to the 6/8 time third movements of the horn concertos by Mozart and Strauss. Unlike the first movement of this sonata, which is aggressive, this movement is lighter in style and more playful.