Concert Band

Level 2 (Easy)

Duration: 4:20

COMING SOON to Randall Standridge Music.

You’ve spent hours exploring the dungeon, defeating monsters and enemies. You overcame every obstacle that lay before you and it is now time to encounter the “Demonstone the Final Boss”. This grade 2.5 work for band captures the thrill and rush of excitement as one nears the end of their journey to ‘save the world.’ “Final Boss” opens and ends with fierce battle music accompanied by a noble theme, representing our hero’s determination to smite down the forces of darkness. Near the middle of the work the enemy tempts our hero with a bewitching spell, in the musical form of a tango. Fortunately, our hero comes to their senses and is able to continue on. The theme of determination builds to a climax as we reach the coda for an exhilarating conclusion.

All Scores and parts will be sent as a PDF via email. Your organization, school and/or ensemble’s name will be watermarked on the upper left corner of your pdf music.